About us

What is Live Audience?

Live Audience is an online platform to boost your performance and power while you are learning or struggling as an starter. We really understand what are the problems you are facing while you are coming as a new learner or starter for: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Script Writing or something similar.

The general case we are facing is:

Most of the guardian do not support ..?

Some of them support then do not suggesting you to involve as full time ...?

Always being asked to keep some backup while not earning? Which is just making a long delay in success ?

You always feel if there could be some earning sources with your own capabilities you could do better ?

If there could be more working team around you that you could know better and faster for any query, it will give you extra boostup ?

Live Audience is an effort to give you solution for these all.

Our Aim

Our main is to generate maximum leads and sources that we could give you more and more jobs related to your capabilities. Give you boosting power to start your career best on your own talent.

And the most important is helping you while you are facing economy problems while you are learnign or struggling.

IF you have tallent but you are unable to continue due to money ? You have here many more solution to earn with your own capability. Signup and contact us for more details!